Slain Dey's killing is a slap on the face of Mumbai police

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Jyotirmoy Dey
Mumbai, Jun 15: The gruesome murder of MiD-DAY's investigative head Jyotirmoy Dey was not only a shock to the Mumbai media fraternity, but also was an insult to the Mumbai Police as claimed by Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik.

Arup Patnaik have taken the killing as a personal affront to the force and stressed over the fact that there is an immediate urgency of Department's transformation.

In a condolence meet held on Tuesday, Jun 14, Patnaik said that Dey's brutal murder was "a slap" on the face of police force. "J Dey's killing is a slap on the face of the police department. I have never seen such an attack on a journalist, and a challenge has been thrown at me by the perpetrators of the crime," he said. Patnaik promised a breakthrough in the case shortly.

According to police sources, Dey's murder, along with rising crime rate including murders, underworld shootouts, robberies has shaken the whole police fraternity.

In fact he suggested the reporters, "A reporter should go deep into the story without any fear. We will ensure that law and order is maintained, and remove the fear from people's minds."

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