An unsung hero-Swami Nigamanand dies after 73 days of fast

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River Ganga
New Delhi. Jun 14: This definitely seem to be the season of fasts, when the non-violent method of protest is becoming the most popular method adopted by the civil society. But it remains a fact that not all fast's get the attention it deserves. The classic examples being Irom Sharmila, who has being fasting since the last 10 years for the cause of the North east.

Another Baba, who was less popular and in spite of being on fast for just a cause did not only get any tangible result from it but had to let go off his life in the process as well. Swami Nigamanand, who was on fast since last two and a half months to turn the spotlight on 'Save Ganga' campaign died on Tuesday morning. He was apparently in the same ICU as that of Baba Ramdev.

When Ramdev got all the attention from the media and others with every blood pressure report and health update making national news, this Baba had to suffer in silence with no one giving him the attention deserved.

Swami Nigamanand who has been fasting for a whopping seventy-three days in Haridwar wanted to highlight the sorry state of River Ganga and was troubled by the increasing pollution levels in it.

The ADM of Rishikesh, Pratap Shah said, "He was on a hunger-strike for 68 days at his ashram. The reason for his hunger-strike was saving the Ganges and stop mining in the Ganga."

Taking on the stone crushers and illegal mining mafia in the shores of the Ganga, Swami Nigamanand was fighting a lonely battle. Part of the Matra Sadan in Haridwar, the Swami was sidelined with the miners and crushers taking to legal recourse who got a stay from the High Court and went on with the illegal activities there.

A month into the fast, Nigamanand's health took a turn for the worse and he slipped into a coma. An aide of the deceased Swami, Swami Kailashanand said, "The government is involved in this and is protecting the mafia. He was truly fighting for the Ganga without any media coverage and his hunger-strike proves his dedication to this cause."

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