Has 'Dhongi' Ramdev smeared Anna Hazare's image after fast?

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Baba Ramdev with Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Jun 13: It seems nothing can stop the Congress leaders from continuing their verbal attacks on Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare - the duo who used 'fast' as the latest weapon against the government.

After the party's general secretary Digvijay Singh, All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary BK Hariprasad called Ramdev a "dhongi" (pretentious) and criticised Anna Hazare's aides in Lokpal panel and calling them "corrupted."

"He (Baba) has RSS backing. A baba owning assets to the tune of thousands of crores naturally evokes serious suspicions. The Union government has taken several measures to bring back money stashed in foreign banks. Ramdev deliberately continued his fast with political motives even after the Union government explained the measures it has taken to curb black money," chided Hariprasad.

In another attack on the civil society members in Lokpal panel, Hariprasad also said, "I have high respect for Anna Hazare, but some of the members in his committee are corrupt. It is a corrupt committee. Noted advocate Shanti Bhushan owns assets worth thousands of crores. He should disclose as to how he made it."

Meanwhile, Anna Hazare wrote to Congress President, Sonia Gandhi and expressed his rage over the party leaders' "personal" reactions against Hazare and his team.

In a letter to Sonia Gandhi, Hazare wrote, "It appears that the smear campaign is to ensure that civil society members become disillusioned and leave the committee. We are hearing that some people are after Arvind Kejriwal to find out about his assets. But they were not successful as he does not possess illegal assets."

Hazare's struggle for drafting the anti-corruption Lokpal Bill brought nation-wide support and respect for the Gandhian crusader. But in the case of Baba Ramdev, the yoga guru received mix-reaction from people.

Ramdev came under investigation scanner over his "huge" wealth. Despite declaration of his assets, the dubious role of Ramdev remained under the suspicious sphere.

Many started speculating that Hazare's support towards Ramdev might have spoiled the "clean" image of Anna. However, truth cannot be unheard for forever. Time will definitely unearth the reality soon.

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