US government will not appeal against Rana verdict

Written by: Pti
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Tahawwur Rana
Washington, June 11: The US Government will not appeal against a Chicago court verdict which found Pakistani-Canadian Tahawwur Rana "not guilty" on charges related to his involvement in the Mumbai terrorist attacks, a ruling that was received with disappointment by India.

"After sentencing, Rana may appeal his conviction on the two counts, but the government cannot appeal the jury's finding of NOT guilty on the Mumbai count," a Justice Department official told PTI today.

"It is very common knowledge that the law prevents the government from appealing a not guilty verdict. A defendant may appeal a guilty verdict," the official explained, which is quite contrary to the Indian legal system, where both the government and the defendant can appeal against court rulings.

In a verdict that was received with disappointment by India, the Chicago court on June 19 acquitted Rana on charges of plotting the 2008 Mumbai attacks but held him guilty of supporting Pakistan-based terror group LeT and planning a strike in Denmark that will get him a maximum of 30 years in jail.

Both India and the US have expressed disappointment with the verdict of the 12-member Chicago court jury that found Rana not guilty on charges of the Mumbai terrorist attack that killed 166 people, including six Americans.

"We are disappointed in the not guilty verdict on the Mumbai attacks," US Attorney, Patrick J Fitzgerald, told reporters after the Chicago jury gave its verdict on Rana case which accused him on three counts of terrorism related charges. 


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