Yeddyurappa govt needs an image makeover, says BJP

Written by: Pti
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Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa
Bangalore, Jun 9: The BJP today (June 9) gave the thumbs-up to the party-ruled government in Karnataka for its performance but said it needs an image make-over to blunt the negative campaigns of the opposition Congress and JD(S).

"His (Yeddyurappa's) performance as Chief Minister is good," BJP national general secretary and chief spokesperson, Ravi Shankar Prasad told reporters, responding to questions.

He was asked about senior BJP leader L K Advani's comments in Chennai last Sunday where the latter said he is not happy with what is happening in Karnataka.

Advani had also said, "The party is taking corrective steps. In other states, where the BJP or NDA is in power, their performance is really exemplary."

Prasad said Advani is the party's top leader and BJP does not make "counter-comment" to what he had said, but added that the government's image definitely needs improvement.

He said the government has done well in terms of its performance, particularly programmes announced in the budget, agriculture and Information Technology.

"I am very sure the work of the Karnataka government is very good in terms of its performance", he said, adding, the government's achievements need to be told to the country.

Opposition parties in the state have repeatedly in the last several months charged the Chief Minister with corruption, favouritism and nepotism. 

Praising Yeddyurappa, Prasad said the party is very proud of the work the Chief Minister has done in the growth of BJP (Yeddyurappa is credited with building the party from the grassroots level in the past three decades).

He said "negative image campaigns" against the Yeddyurappa government by Congress and JD-S need to be "corrected".

Prasad also attacked Karnataka Governor H R Bhardwaj, accusing him of being an active member of the Congress, adding, he had tried to destabilise the BJP government.

He termed a corruption case against the Chief Minister and his family members being heard in the High Court after Bhardwaj gave his sanction for prosecution as "sponsored prosecution" by the Governor.

"That was not a proper bonafide prosecution. It was a Hans Raj Bhardwaj sponsored prosecution in destabilising the Government," Prasad said, alleging that the private complaint based on which the Governor sanctioned prosecution of the Chief Minister was "drafted under the orders of Bhardwaj".


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