Nokia calls Apple - The Father of Android

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Nokia CEO Stephen Elop
London, Jun 9: The Nokia CEO Stephen Elop blames the iPhone maker Apple for the birth of Android operating system, which has become the world's favourite mobile OS, dumping both Apple iOS and Symbian.

During a keynote speech entitled, "Thinking big: Creating a truly global mobile ecosystem", at the Open Mobile Summit in London, Stephen Elop said that the Apple created the Android or made the necessary conditions for the growth of Android.

"Apple created Android, or at least created the conditions necessary for Android to come into being. People decided they could not play in the Apple way, and they had to do something else. Then Google stepped in there and created Android… and others jumped on the Android train," Stephen Elop said.

The Nokia CEO continued to reject the rumours doing rounds about Microsoft and Samsung's acquisition on Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone maker. He said, "All those rumors are baseless. Nokia is not for sale."

Elop also explained the reasons behind choosing Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 as company's primary OS and why they dumped Symbian and MeeGo. According to him, MeeGo platform has been facing pricing problem.

"It (Symbian) has served us well for many years but we recognised that was challenged. The challenge we face with Meego is that…we have to cover a lot of price points from developed to emerging markets and we did not think Meego could get there fast enough," he added.

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