India snubs dead Pak journo's warning about al-Qaeda attack

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Syed Saleem Shahzad
New Delhi, Jun 9: Syed Saleem Shahzad, the Pakistani journalist who was killed after he went missing in May, wanted to release his book,  'Inside al Qaeda and Taleban - Beyond bin Laden and 9/11', in all Indian languages and wanted to make Indian aware of the threat they faced from al-Qaeda.

To release the book in India, he even contacted people from the Indian strategic community asking them to help him get in touch with publishers.

Shahzad stressed on the point that India was facing possible threat from al-Qeda and was one of their main targets in his meetings with Indian authorities. He further added that the terror organization was also planning to establish terror camps in all the neighbouring countries of India especially targeting Bangladesh.

Shehzad also accused the ISI and al-Qeda, saying they were the main hand behind the Mumbai terror attacks.

"We were discussing this (publishing the book) with him. He wanted the book translated into Indian languages and seemed particularly concerned about the threat from al-Qaida,'' said  Satish Kumar, strategic affairs expert and the editor of India's Annual Security Review.

Many in India were warned about getting too friendly with the Pakistani journalist because of he had "strong links" with terror organisations despite of it being purely on the grounds of journalism.

In his book, Shahzad also claimed that ISI elements seized a plan by ISI to attack India and Ilyas Kashmiri played a crucial role in the attacks against India, which he thought would stop the US on its war against terrorism in Afghanistan, stopping the drone attacks. The Pakistani Journalist also mentioned in his book that the attacks on Pakistan's Naval Base were also carried out by al-Qaeda.

Syed Saleem Shahzad, went missing just four days after authoring an article which alleged that the al-Qaeda had attacked the Mehran naval base near Karachi to secure the release of personnel detained on suspicion of links with the terror outfit.

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