If actors, criminals can be in politics,why not a Yoga guru?

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Baba Ramdev
Bangalore, Jun 9: India is currently witnessing a debate over Baba Ramdev and his protest against the government's inaction on black money reportedly stashed in abroad. Despite a huge mass support to him, many people started criticising Baba's struggle as a "politically motivated movement." One of the strongest criticism was hurled from Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal.

Sibal recently attacked Ramdev by claiming, "Ramdev shouldn't attempt to teach political asanas, he should just concentrate on Yoga." But here the question has been raised, why Sibal pinches Baba? According the rules, any Indian can join politics and Baba Ramdev, being a Yoga guru, too meets that criteria.

Ramdev, who started a "fast-unto-death" protest, faced several troubles as I-T department conducted a search in his Haridwar ashram, his prominent aides have been accused in criminal conspiracy case. People have not even spared the yoga guru over all such allegations.

Different reports show, Indian Parliament has both rich with criminals as well as billionaires. As 300 of its 543 members are billionaires while 180 are millionaires. Further, 150 MPs have criminal charges against them. Indian MPs have 84 murder cases, 17 robbery cases and 28 cases of theft and extortion.

Is Ramdev worse than the above criminals in our parliament? If Ramdev has indeed broken laws in getting land, income tax waiver government should investigate on who gave those clearances. The witch hunting needs to stop. The world's biggest democracy today is looking small.

Few political parties say Ramdev is a front of RSS, BJP. The public begs to ask them, so what? If indeed Ramdev is front of RSS has he committed a criminal offense? If so, arrest Ramdev. Today BJP would have had an upper hand in the fight over corruption and black money if not for Karnataka's BJP CM BS Yeddyurappa. BJP realises that BSY is becoming a liability. On Jun 6, LK Advani has told BSY to improve the image of Karnataka governance at the earliest.

When it comes to Anna Hazare and Ramdev, it is sad for the public to see on TV how the spokespersons of Congress are calling names. The language is baffling and only the big TV anchors are able to take on these spokespersons because the govt would not want to put them behind bars.

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