Pak reaping what it sows: Another terror attack kills many

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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Pakistan terror attacks
Islamabad, Jun 9: In yet another instance of the ever-deteriorating security scenario in Pakistan, eight Pakistani soldiers and 12 militants have been killed in a clash in the north-western part of the country.

Local officials have reported that terrorists, laced with rockets and some other heavy artillery attacked a security checkpoint in the volatile Waziristan region of the country early on Jun 9. The security forces, then retaliated by opening fire and have reportedly killed 12 of those insurgents.

While complete details of the attack is still awaited, one report has claimed that the Taliban militants were involved in the assault. It also suggests that more than 100 militants were involved in the attacks that took place in South Waziristan near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Waziristan, which has been described by the US as the "most dangerous place on earth", is considered to be a breeding ground for militants, many of whom are believed to be sheltering in the semi-autonomous tribal regions of the province.

While terrorism in Pakistan is nothing new given the assistance and sanctuary the country's government provides to them and in return sponsors the proxy-war they carry out against India and Afghanistan, there has been a spur of attacks inside the country after the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Laden, the mastermind of many a terror activities was killed by US Navy SEALS in a late-night covert operation carried out in the Pakistani garrison town of Abottabad. Laden, whom the Pakistani government claimed was living in Afghanistan, was actually residing in a posh mansion, just 800 metres away from the country's military establishment.

Ever since Laden's death, the Taliban and al Qaeda have vowed revenge on US and Pakistan, and have fructified many an attacks since then.

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