Sonia a ruthless leader, will continue fast: Baba Ramdev

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Haridwar, Jun 5: Baba Ramdev, who was thrown out of Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi, arrived back in his ashram in Haridwar and held a press conference. During the press conference, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev said that the government betrayed him and the police force assaulted him badly.

Baba Ramdev defined Delhi police's actions against him as the "darkest night" of his life. Baba also attacked Congress President Sonia Gandhi by saying that she is foreign origin and can't understand the dignity of Indian woman and children.

Ram Dev, who was arrested while conducting a indefinite hunger strike to protest against government's inefficiency to bring back the blackmoney deposited in foreign banks, said that he will continue his "Sathyagraha" against corruption.

Baba Ramdev in his press conference said the following:

  • I won't react to Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh's irresponsible comments.
  • I have given details to the government of every penny spent.
  • Will announce the venue of the Sathyagraha after this press conference.
  • If anything happens to me, Sonia Gandhi and Congress will be responsible.
  • We will observe 'Black Day' today and tomorrow.
  • Police actions reminded me of Jalianwala Bagh massacre.
  • I will continue my fast.
  • Policemen physically assaulted me.
  • Everything was agreed by the government except black money issue.
  • Children were beaten up mercilessly. Even a butcher is more kind to the animals he cuts.
  • I was forced to give a letter of consent in the hotel.
  • I was told to be ready to face the consequences.
  • Government was pressuring me to end the fast.
  • Police dragged and beat up women & children who came to stand up against stashed black money.
  • Ministers did not want to meet in Ramlila grounds. I did not want to meet in the minister's office. So we met in a common place - a hotel.
  • Hunger strike will not end, it will continue till the government agrees all demands.
  • Government's action against me was barbaric.
  • Last night's incident was a black movement for me.
  • Innocent people subjected to barbaric act
  • It was the darkest night for me.
  • We assured that whatever we wanted would be done.

Baba Ramdev, who was thrown out of Delhi by the police and Rapid Action Force (RAF), reached Haridwar in a special plane. Earlier, media reported that Ramdev Baba was taken to Dehra Dun from Palam Airport, on his way to Haridwar.

On his arrival at the Jolly Grant Airport near Dehra Dun, Baba Ramdev, who was alone, was received by Uttarakhand government officials, they said.

“He was alone when he landed. He was received by officials at the airport. He will now proceed to Haridwar where he has an ashram," Dehra Dun Senior Superintendent of Police G S Martolia said.

Meanwhile, government sources said that the action against Baba Ramdev was taken in fear of more people joining his indefite hunger strike. The sources added that government suspected that giving more time to Baba Ramdev may help him to raise more demands.

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