Sri Sri cautions against attempts of a parallel government

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Sri Sri Ravishankar
New Delhi, June 3: Though he has been supportive to the anti-corruption campaigns launched by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev, the spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishanker has warned attempts to make Lokpal 'parallel govt'.

Guruji emphasised on the fact that the "Lokpal Bill" needs to have such a provision that would treat the people at the highest level separately if they are suspected of corruption while maintaining the dignity of their high offices. " No parallel government should be formed and nobody should be above the law," he said.

While talking about Anna Hazare's adamant corruption campaign, Sri Sri said, " We need to change the mindsets. Corruption begins where belongingness ends. What belongs to you will come your way, so make an honest living. This revolution to get rid of corruption should be brought to the country."

Ravishanker had also offered his support to Baba Ramdev who has publicly opposed the inclusion of Prime Minister and higher judiciary under the office of the Lokpal.

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