Mumbai: IIT boy detained over watching 'porn' on phone

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Mumbai, May 27: Police harassment is no longer a new tale to be heard. Now, an IIT boy became the latest victim of torment of Mumbai police. An IIT boy was detained over allegedly watching 'porn' in his mobile phone.

The boy, who reached Mumbai after his vacation in hometown Chhattisgarh, was detained by the railway police. The boy later said, "I was stopped by two policemen. One of them asked me to open my bag and rummaged through my belongings while the other took my phone and started playing with the keypad."

"I wondered what was wrong but they started talking roughly. They took me to a small room where another policeman was seated. He said they had found porn clips on my phone and I could go to jail for five years and be fined Rs 1 lakh," added the victim.

The cops accused the boy of watching porn videos in his mobile phone. However, the boy claimed, "They (police) showed me the phone for a fleeting second. I didn't notice anything. Then, they pulled out a belt and a pair of handcuffs. I was terrified. I didn't know what was going on, or what I should do."

The IITian also said that the police officials  money from him. "I told them that I just had a little more than Rs 2,000 on me. They took the money. Then they noticed an ATM card in my wallet. One of the policemen changed into civilian clothes and took me to a nearby ATM. I withdrew another Rs 5,000 and handed it to him. He demanded to see my bank balance and when he noticed I had about 8,000 rupees there, he demanded more money," chided the engineering student.

However, Shivaji Shinde, senior inspector of GRP at Dadar station later said, "The entire episode was so perfectly set up" and also assured the victim and Bombay IIT officials of a minute inquiry.

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