Microsoft CEO sets Cloud Computing as Future Technology

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Steve Ballmer
Bangalore, May 26: Microsoft CEO Steven A Ballmer said that the future of the technology depends on adding more human features to it through Cloud Computing.

While speaking at the inaugural session of 'Cloud Summit: Enabling Inclusive Innovation,' in New Delhi on Thursday, May 26, Steve Ballmer said that the third generation of Internet will see the use of internet as a programming interface.

"We are looking at Cloud to use the Internet as a programming interface. Generation 1 of the Internet saw people putting up content on the Internet. Generation two has seen the element of interactivity added to it. Now, the third generation will see use of the Internet as a programming interface," said the Microsoft CEO.

Steve also described Microsoft's vision behind the Cloud Computing technology. With Cloud Computing, Microsoft aims to make technology simpler and human over the next four to five years.

"The first element is developing natural human interfaces which recognize basic human characteristics like voice and touch. The evolution of technology is such that it should be working the way people work," Steve said.

"Touch technology has not replaced keyboards but it has undoubtedly added a new dimension to computing. Cloud Computing represents that technology which understands you, your intent and takes action accordingly," he added further.

Steve stated that the natural user interface and natural language on Cloud Computing will help the users to get the information you they are looking for in an organized manner. He predicted that the mobiles and other devices will make the future of Cloud Computing brighter.

"Cloud will automate and operate applications quickly so that people can learn and consume information in a interesting manner. It will analyze and take action. In this field, Cloud will enable simulation of the physical world in its virtual format. The possibilities of such applications are endless for fields such as biotechnology, medicine, geophysics, chemistry, etc. Cloud will help create, collaborate and share the fruits of such analysis and tests. It will help people in enjoying real-time interactive games and socialize between themselves," Steve described.

Steve Ballmer highlighted the importance of the Indian market and said, "Our partnership with Nokia about the Windows Phone in India show we are serious about India. We want to focus on touch-optimized devices."

During the presentation at the event, which was jointly organized by CII and Microsoft, Steve Ballmer also announced the launch of the Office 365 Cloud service in India in Jun.

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