Michelle Obama inspires UK schoolgirls to dream high

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Michelle Obama
London, May 26: Barack Obama's wife, Michelle, combines her inspirational words of hard work with hugs on Wednesday, May 25, as she came along with her entire family to encourage few London schoolgirls on her visit to the Oxford University.

The ethnically diverse school is in one of the most deprived areas of north London, where Michelle visited. The first lady, dressed in a white collarless blouse, thick white leather belt with gold buckles and black trousers, urged the girls who were on an open day visit to the world-famous institution to believe they could do anything if they were prepared to work hard enough.

"You should be pushing yourself to dream big because if you can see yourself in Oxford you can see yourself anywhere," she said. "I used to think there was some magic that happened, I didn't know back then it was just plain old hard work. But the more success you have, the more chances you take. You don't let the failures and the stumbles defeat you."

She calls herself "MOM-IN-CHIEF". The most important thing to her "is raising strong women because that's what my mother did for me." "The things I tell my girls are the same thing I would tell you -- don't be afraid to fail, don't be afraid to make mistakes, ask stupid questions and get laughed at. Trip and then get back up," she said.

EGA English teacher Holly Wilkins, who accompanied the girls, told Michelle Obama's meeting with the schoolgirls would have as big an impact and help encourage many of them to apply to Oxford University.

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