Icelandic Ash cloud disrupts European airspace

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Iceland, May 25: Though the Icelandic ash clouds erupting from Grimsvotn volcano cleared the UK airspace, now it seems to threaten the northern European airspace.

Around 500 flights were cancelled in the UK after the eruption began on Saturday, May 21, leaving passengers stranded at certain Scottish and northern England airports, as well as travellers bound for those locations. But now, the geographic focus is shifting.

Airports in Northern Germany and Scandinavia may close on Wednesday, May 25, as the clouds of volcanic ash from Iceland drifts across the North Sea, according to projections from the UK Met Office"s Volcanic Ash Advisory Center.

Airports in Bremen and Hamburg will shut down early Wednesday, May 25 and Berlin may have closures from early afternoon, as the volcanic ash moves over northern Germany, the DFS flight security office said on Tuesday night, May 24.

European air traffic safety organisation Eurocontrol said on Tuesday, May 24, “Around 500 flights were cancelled from the approximately 29,000 that would have been expected today (Tuesday, May 24) across Europe."

DFS declined to give a forecast for the airport in Hanover, which lies on the edge of the contaminated area. It is recommended that passengers contact their airline for any cancellations or delays.

Eurocontrol on Tuesday, May 24, said that projections from the VAAC in London showed that there is a “strong possibility," that the ash could affect parts of Denmark, southern Norway and southwest Sweden by Wednesday, May 25. Still, the effect on flights would be “relatively low" given the new restrictions in place, the agency said.

British Airways canceled more than 40 flights at Scottish airports on Tuesday, May 24, and said trans-Atlantic services suffered “minor delays" taking longer routes to avoid Iceland. The airline carried out a verification flight, Tuesday night, May 24, in connection with the ash cloud, to determine procedures to continue flying “in accordance with risk-assessment methodology developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization," it said in an e-mailed statement.

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