Intel says Microsoft to launch Windows 8 multiple versions

Written by: Abdul Nisar
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Windows 8
San Francisco, May 19: According to latest gadget market rumor mills report, the software giant Microsoft may launch multiple versions of the upcoming Windows operating system codenamed as Windows 8.

Quoting an Intel executive, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft will make at least six versions of Windows 8, with four that work on ARM technology. Moreover, the ARM versions won"t run older programs as they will be tailored to mobile devices and tablet computers.

Intel"s software business head Renee James revealed the details about Windows 8 while presenting a presentation at Intel's headquarters in Santa Clara. According to her, the Windows 8 version designed for Intel chips will run older Windows programs.

It seems that Microsoft is trying hard to grab shares in the tablet market, which is controlled by its close rival Apple's iPad. While the Redmond based Microsoft controls the computer market, it has only a minor share in tablet market. With the launch of Windows 8 for tablets, Microsoft expects a boom in tablet market.

Furthermore, Intel executive claimed that the Windows 8 version will also support smartphones. So, it's not clear whether she referred it to an upcoming version of Windows phone 7 or Windows 8 integration for smartphones. Let's wait and see what would be Microsoft's Big Plans.

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