Osama calls for more revolts in posthumous audio tape

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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Osama bin Laden
Cairo, May 19: Osama bin Laden may be dead but his voice continues to linger loud and clear among his terrorist brethren. In a posthumous audio recording of Osama bin Laden released by the al-Qaeda, he praised uprisings that have swept the Arab World and called for more "tyrants" to be toppled.

In the tape, he says, "The sun of the revolution has risen from the Maghreb. The light of the revolution came from Tunisia. It has given the nation tranquility and made the faces of the people happy."

Supporting the efforts to topple more governments in the Arab World, he calls on his followers to "set up an operations room that follows up events and works in parallel ... to save the people that are struggling to bring down their tyrants".

He adds, "I believe that the winds of change will envelope the entire Muslim world..The youth must prepare what is necessary and must not make any decision without consulting those of experience and honesty who avoid half solutions."

Insisting that the rulers around the world are worried over the uprisings he said, "Tunisia was the first but swiftly the knights of Egypt have taken a spark from the free people of Tunisia to Tahrir Square..It has made the rulers worried."

This is the first tape released after Osama was killed by US Navy SEALs in a late-night raid on May 01, at a mansion in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad. His body was then hurriedly given a sea-burial by the US Navy SEALs to avoid making his graveyard a pilgrimage for future militants.

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