This woman is allergic to electricity and electrical devices

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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Janice Tunnicliffe
London, May 18: A woman in Britain has a strange allergy. She cannot stand any device that uses electricity for its operation - or to be exact she is allergic to electricity. As a result of this very rare health condition she is almost cut off from the outside world.

Janice Tunnicliffe, 55 cannot stand anywhere near electromagnetic fields of any kind. She cannot use an electric kettle, refrigerator, washing machine, television and cannot have neighbours with wireless internet connection.

What more, in the nights she lives by the candlelight, cannot watch television, listen to radio, talk on a cell phone, or even use a computer. Imagine her troubles while living in an urban place where electricity and electrical devices are indispensable and omnipresent. Her only relief was when her village suffered a temporary power-cut.

She was not always like this but her troubles started after she was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2008 and received chemotherapy. Since then life was never the same as she suffered constant headaches, chest pains, nausea and tinglings in her body whenever she approached deliberately or inadvertently towards an electrical device or appliances that emit signals.

Though she is now cured of cancer the new health condition is as worse as that and she has even had to shield her windows with a special metallic material to deflect errant electromagnetic waves.

She has been quoted by The Telegraph as saying, "Different things give me different feelings but it's mostly headaches and nausea. iPhones make feel really sick within about 20 minutes of being near one so even though I might not realise someone has one straightaway, I soon find out."

She added, "Wifi makes me feel like I have a clamp at the back of my head which is squeezing the life out of me. It's completely draining and a home hub can totally immobilise me - I'm left unable to move my arms and legs."

Though there hasn't been any official confirmation about the links between Chemotherapy and electrosensitivity, she still feels that there certainly is something which has resulted in her current health condition.

She has been quoted in the same report as saying, “Personally, I think there must be a link with the chemotherapy and the ES, but no one is going to admit that. I used to go for long walks every day and while I was out of the house I would be okay. But when I came back I would start to feel unwell again very quickly and slowly I started to put two and two together."

She recollected the first instance of experiencing the trouble and said, "After the cancer, the doctors recommended we enjoy a nice holiday somewhere and the whole family went to the Greek island of Kos for two weeks in September 2008. While I was there was I was fine, but when I got home I felt ill again almost straightaway. It wasn't until afterwards that I considered it might have been because of all the 'electrosmog' we were experiencing at home."

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