Karnataka: B S Yedyyurappa and H R Bhardwaj hug and make up

Posted By: Biswajeet Panda
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Bharadwaj and Yeddyurappa
Bangalore, May 18: Politics makes strange bed-fellows and thus there are no permanent friends or foes. There have been several such instances in the past and another one in the long list is that of Karnataka governor H R Bhardwaj and Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa.

The feud between the two is well-documented and has been in the public sphere for long. Even as recently as May 17, the two were involved in a bitter war of words where the governor wanted to impose President's rule in the state and the Chief minister alleged that Bhardwaj was working as an agent of the Congress high-command.

But all those who had been witness to the past tussle between the duo including the latest one, were in for a surprise when the two hugged each other at a public event in Bangalore on May 18.

As if that wasn't enough Bhardwaj even went a step further and said a few words of praise for the chief minister besides giving a certificate to himself on his integrity. He said, "Yeddyurappa is a hard worker. He works 10 to 15 hours a day. Yeddyurappa and I are friends. Politics goes on. I fought for principles, I am not partial, I treat everyone same and I require that in return," and added, "I will never resign. I will complete my tenure. I have discharged my constitutional duties. The BJP can say anything but I have maintained my stand."

Both the men were speaking at a function to mark the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Karnataka Public Service Commission. The Governor and the Chief Minister were seen speaking to each other for a period of over 10 minutes and one hopes that they have resolved their differences.

It can be recollected that in the latest episode of the perennial feud between the duo in Karantaka, the Chief Minister had on May 17 marched his MLAs to the the President of India for showing his majority in the state Assembly. The move was a reaction to the Governor's letter to Prime Minister in which he had asked for the imposition of President's rule in Karnataka.

Hope the camaraderie in public life spills over to professional sphere as well and both the men resolve their differences amicably. It will ease the life of Bangaloreans who had to suffer the most due to a string of protests.

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