ISI-CIA fallout; eternal bond withers?

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London, May 16: Is the all-weather relation between allies going through a rough patch, yes we are talking about the US-Pakistan love-hate saga that seem to be hitting new challenges every day. With the covert operation on Osama Bin Laden by US in Pak soil, might have put an end to the biggest terror mastermind, but it has irked Pakistan as well.

It has been reported that Pakistan intelligence agency, ISI has stopped sharing intelligence with its American counterpart the CIA. Could the unilateral decision without the involvement of Pak in the 'Kill Osama" operation be attributed to the change in stance?

In hey days, the ISI agents were earlier instrumental in providing crucial data to the CIA and spot targets for drone strikes. According to a report in the Sunday Telegraph, it was reported that they have started to withhold intelligence inputs. There are also rumours that the ISI have snapped all relations with the US after the Osama operation brought them considerable shame.

A source has been quoted as saying, “They are furious. They handed over telephone intercepts in 2009 that were crucial in leading to bin Laden's courier — the key breakthrough in the hunt. Then four months ago they were told there was nothing in it, it was what the Americans called a 'cold lead'. Since then they have been left out completely out of the loop."

During the daring operation by the US navy SEALS, there were sources within the US administration that said that Pakistan was kept in the dark since they feared that the information would be leaked and certain elements in the Pakistani forces would tip-off Osama about the operation.

"There are implications for both the US and international forces in Afghanistan, so the Americans will be very interested in getting the relationship back on track," a military analyst has been quoted as saying.

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