India’s most wanted has names of former Pak army majors?

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New Delhi, May 10: Pakistan seems to be at the receiving end of global flak over both its involvement and lack of it in the covert operation in snooping down on terror mastermind Osama Bin Laden a few days back. With India back to turning the spotlight on Pakistan and focusing on its anti-terror initiatives, has passed on its updated list of most-wanted fugitives in Pakistan. The list apparently contains five of its former Army majors.

The list containing 49 fugitives along with dossiers was handed over by G K Pillai, Indian Home Secretary to his Pakistani counterpart, Qamar Zaman Choudhary as early as Mar 28, 2011.

The names of ex-majors include Sajid Majid aka Sajid Mir, also referred to as Wasi Bhai who apparently directed the head shot on Nariman House hostages on the fateful day of the Mumbai attacks. The other names are Abdur Rehman Hashim Syed aka Pasha, the one who handles the Indian Mujahideen through his Karachi Project; ex-SSG trooper Illyas Kashmiri, the handler of al-Qaida' s 313 brigade. The other two serving majors handled LeT's David Coleman Headley for Pakistan"s secret services, ISI.

Headley"s interrogation had revealed animosity between Pasha and Sajid Mir and is believed that Mir had launched the 26/11 attacks in an attempt to upstage Pasha. The Indian Mujahideen particularly targeting India was born out of LeT. Mir was also involved in LeT"s terror training camps.

According to the list put out by the popular newspaper Indian Express, the Pakistani nationals in the list of 49 most-wanted include –

1.Hafiz Mohammed Saeed
2.Sajid Majid
3.Syed Hashim Abdur Rehman Pasha
4.Major Iqbal
5.Illyas Kashmiri
6.Rashid Abdullah
7.Major Sameer Ali
8.Maulana Mohammed Masood Azhar
9.Azam Cheema
10.Ibrahim Athar
11.Azhar Yusuf
12.Zahur Ibrahim Mistri
13.Akhtar Sayeed
14.Mohammed Shakir
15.Rauf Abdul
16.Amanullah Khan
17.Abu Hamza
18.Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi

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