Diana death back to haunt royals; new film sparks outrage

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London, May 10: After the world went gaga over the Royal Wedding between Prince William and commoner Katherine Middleton, the British monarchy seemed happy with the hype and hoopla surrounding them. But the past is back to haunt them when a photo has emerged that was apparently shot by a paparazzi photographer capturing the dying moments of Princess Diana.

Part of a 90-minute documentary film on Diana"s fatal crash in an accident at Paris, titled Unlawful Killing, shows a black and white image of the Princess just after her Mercedes car crashed in the Paris underpass. The image clearly shows her blonde hair and her features are visible.

The documentary is slated to be screened at the Cannes and is backed by left-wing activist and actor Keith Allen and Mohammed Al Fayed, who is the father of Dodi Al Fayed who died in the car crash along with Diana. The facts were reported in the Daily Mail.

Allen has been quoted as saying on the release of the film, “Pity, because at a time when the sugar rush of the royal wedding has been sending republicans into a diabetic coma, it could act as a welcome antidote."

The film contain excerpts from Diana"s earlier interviews, and Allen calls it a “collective conspiracy by the British establishment." However, the film won't be screened in the UK. The official trailer has been released on Youtube.

Close friends of Diana, especially Rosa Monckton has expressed anger at the move and said, “If this is true this is absolutely disgusting. The fact people are trying to make money – which is all that they are doing now – out of her death is quite frankly ... words fail me."

There were conspiracy theories doing the rounds over the death of Diana with fingers pointing to her husband Prince Charles and the Royal family. The Cannes Film festival is scheduled to be held on Friday, May 13.

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