Google tickles with Roger Hargreaves' Mr Men & Little Miss

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Google Doodle on Roger Hargreaves' Birthday
New Delhi, May 9: The search engine giant Google first paid its tribute to all mothers on the Mother's Day and now tried a tickle to amuse the viewers, especially children. Google on Monday, May 9 celebrates the 76th birthday of British author - Roger Hargreaves with his incredible cartoon characters - Mr Men and Little Miss.

Technology giant Google never misses a chance to feature Doodles on its search engine homepage globally and locally. The interactive and beautifully designed Google Doodles remind us about special days and life of great artists and scientists. This time Doodle delineates a whole series of Hargreaves' cartoon characters as the Doodle image changes each time the page is reloaded.

With a click on the Doodle, Google takes the viewers to experience the works of Roger Hargreaves as it gives a wide knowledge about Hargreaves' life and his special cartoon characters.

On Monday, Google captures Hargreaves' cartoon characters - Mr Rush, Mr Forgetful, Little Miss Chattarbox, Mr Bump, Mr Slow, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Shy, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Magic, Mr Funny, Little Miss Tiny, Mr Dizzy, Mr Happy, Mr Messy, Mr Tickle, Little Miss curious.

More than 100m books based on Hargreaves' characters have been sold worldwide in 28 countries, while five more were completed by his son Adam. An even greater world domination may yet to be on the way in the form of a big screen adaptation.

However, this time Google disappoints Indian viewers as it snubbed the 150th birthday of Indian poet and laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. Google had painted a special Doodle to mark Tagore's birthday in 2007.

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