Osama was media possessed reveal new US video

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Osama Bin Laden
Washington, May 8: This was not an image that you would characterize with the most dreaded and feared terrorist on the planet, Osama Bin Laden. But the latest images released by US officials show a frail looking man, with unkempt hair and beard crouched up in front of the beaten down settings in front of the television obsessing on the way he looks in the various TV reports being aired on him.

While the al Qaeda was in denial all this while over the death of their hero and leader, Saturday saw them finally confirming that he was indeed dead and that they would avenge his death somehow. The latest images have added force to the argument and the videos are apparently shot from his Abottabbad hideout in Pakistan before the US Navy SEALS took him down in a covert operation.

The Navy Seals have also managed to get quite a few incriminating information that would help in provide a better insight into the workings of the terror network and those involved in it. [Read:US forces recover crucial DVDs from Osama's hideout]

But the late Saturday night release of Osama's images also reveled another interesting facet of the slain terrorist. He was preoccupied with his portrayal in the media. The various videos recovered from the hideout reveal how he meticulously designed his 'look' for the videos that would spread terrorism and fear among all. The images that contained rhetoric mostly targeting America and its citizens was published mostly by the Al Jazeera, a popular Middle East based television channel.

Beside such videos other crucial information were also gathered like phone numbers and documents that would bust the terrorist organizations backbone. The US is on the particular look-out for information pertaining to the Sept 11 attacks on the US and those behind it.

The other interesting myth that fell apart during the course of the whole operation seem to be that Osama was not aware of real time news and incidents happening in the world on a day to day basis since he was believed to be living in a tribal and mountainous terrain in the interiors of Pakistan. With the material seized it is all but evident that he kept a track of everything and that he had a satellite dish that provided live television feed directly to his compound.

There are also reports that he had a computer in his home, that contradicts earlier reports that suggested that he had no internet or phone lines running from the house.

With more and more interesting revelations emerging from the dark world of terrorists, more particularly those of Osama Bin Laden, the US is hoping to break their reach and power considerably through this operation.

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