Musharaff snubs Pak on "intelligence failure"

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Pervez Musharaff
Dubai, May 8: The Pakistan government officials seem to be lying low following the big blow meted out by its benefactor, the United States of America. Violating Pakistan's territorial sovereignty and taking out the dreaded terrorist, Osama Bin Laden with apparent zero-involvement by either the ISI or the Pakistan forces. Still grappling with the sudden blow, the blame game is on and the world is watching Pakistan on what their reaction is going to be.

Former Pakistan President, Pervez Musharaff known more for his acid tongue that his stellar professional achievements minced no words in his attack against Pakistan's “intelligence failure". Calling the intelligence agency's failure to reveal Osama to the wold as a major “slip-up", he called for the US and Pakistan to rebuild their trust once again to fight against the al Qaeda togeather.

While more eye-opening accounts of Osama's Abbottabad hideout is being revealed, the fact that he was staying in the same house since the last 5 years is stinging the former president as well. It has to remembered that the terror head occupied this house which is a few miles from Pakistan's Military Academy in the garrisoned city of Abbottabad. He commented that the officials should be held responsible for failing to track Laden when he was in such close proximity.

Musharaff in his tirade from Dubai said, “It was a big slip up. It is extremely regrettable. We need to find who slipped and take action against those who did not deliver."The fact remains however that if there is an enquiry into the intelligence failures, Musharaff's regime too will be under the radar.

His fiery comments however seem to be more directed towards his presidential bid for elections scheduled in 2013. Expecting to gather brownie points after allegations in his involvement in the Benazir Bhutto assassination case, hope his cashing in on the controversy does not back fire.

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