Taliban aims to settle scores over Osama killing

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Kabul, May 5: With the killing of the al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, emotions are flaring not for the Obama administration who are on a moral high but for the al-Qaeda who have had to face the death of its leader in such a humiliating way [Read: Pakistani Taliban threatens to avenge Osama's death].

The Taliban, another subsidiary of the al-Qaeda, however, does not intend to take the insult lightly and promises to avenge the insult. An outfit commander in Afghanistan, Dawran Safi has been quoted as saying to the Al Jazeera TV Channel that the Taliban has created a special unit in Afghanistan to retaliate the killing of Osama. He said, “We have created a special unit to avenge the martyr Sheikh Osama bin Laden."

He also added in the interview, “We will take forward his standard and wage war against foreigners and their agents."

Meanwhile, there were apprehensions whether the al-Qaeda chief was actually killed among some of the senior Taliban commanders .They commented, “The Americans would never be able to show any evidence that they killed Sheikh Osama. I am saying with full authority that the Sheikh has not been gunned down." These confusions emerged after the US administration flip-flopped its version on how exactly 'Operation Geronimo" was carried out. Conflicting reports emerged on the exact account of how Osama was killed.

While the US administration under Barack Obama"s leadership was successful in killing the most dreaded terrorist in the world, the terror threats still remain to loom large over the United States and the rest of the world.

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