Not Birth certificate but Death certificate works for Obama!

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Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden
Washington, May 5: The dreaded terrorist and al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden's death turned out as a popularity booster for US President Barack Obama. It seems that Obama, who was recently forced to publish his birth certificate to the public to prove his eligibility for being the president, conquered the world once again with the death certificate of Osama.

Starting from former Presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton to general people in the country, Obama is being praised by everyone for accomplishing the "kill Osama mission - Geronimo" successfully at the wee hours of Monday, May 2.

A new poll, conducted by the New York Times, says that support for Obama has risen sharply, jumping 11 percentage points in one month. 57 percent Americans agree with the fact that the president has succeeded so far in overall job performance and in the handling of foreign policy.

Obama's popularity increment has thwarted the popularity and appreciation what Bush had received after capturing Saddam Hussein, the slained President of Iraq.

Obama's decision of not releasing Osama's pictures, however, fueled a new controversy which raises doubts about the raid conducted by US navy SEAL at the al-Qaeda chief's mansion in Abbottabad in Pakistan.

Despite all controversies and doubts of the ardent critics, Obama succeeded to win the hearts of Americans who lost their dear and near ones during 9/11 terror attacks in 2001. Osama was the key mastermind behind the terror attacks.

Obama's latest move marred all criticisms, especially of the real estate mogul Donal Trump who seems to have started a campaign to mar Obama's political career in the USA.

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