Obama move over, the SEALs are the real heroes!

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Washington, May 4: The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama is being lauded from across the world for having killed the most dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden in a covert operation in Pakistan. But the real heroes are the US navy's elite Seal Team 6 that carried out the operation smoothly and have managed to only garner a congratulatory pat on the back for obvious reasons.

For the group secrecy is of paramount importance that was revealed when the head of the navy Seals received an e-mail that asked them to keep their mouths shut after the encounter. "Be extremely careful about operational security. The fight is not over," said Rear Admiral Edward Winters.

Who are the US Navy SEALS?

The special unit consists of only a few hundred personnel and is based in Dam Neck, Virginia. They are officially referred to as the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, or Devgru, and their members are called "the quiet professionals". Closely working with the CIA, they are sometimes called the agency's Praetorian Guard. The specialized unit came into existence in Iraq during the need to combine special operations forces and intelligence in the hunt for militants.

Having successfully carried out operations Yemen and Somalia over the last three years, a majority of the team is stationed in Afghanistan. But like all sensitive operations they too have a history of a botched up operation in Afghanistan in the rescue mission of a British aid worker Linda Norgrove. She was apparently kidnapped by militants in Afghanistan. She died in the mission when one of the SEALS threw a fragmentation grenade close to where she was.

The recent 'Operation Geronimo" will be marked in the pages of history and will act as a milestone for the secretive group who have managed to kill a man who was ruthless and his hate towards America and its people apparent. Though they will not be able to receive the $25 million reward promised on Osama"s head, they are sure to be rewarded with medals for their gallantry.

After the operation the SEALS were back in the Andrews Air Force Base in the US after debriefing the details of the raid to authorities according to CIA Director Leon Panetta. A former Navy SEAL has been quoted as saying, “The operators of their unit and they themselves will know about it, but nobody else will. That's just the nature of the business."

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