Osama's death, what it means to India?

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Mumbai attacks 2008
New Delhi, May 3: With the United States on a moral high after the secret ambush on the most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, the war against terror seems to be in the spotlight all over again. But, beside the huge casualty for the al-Qaeda, there is someone else who is left smarting after this clandestine operation and that is Pakistan.

With what can be easily termed a milestone, Osama"s killing has upped the ante for those seeking for tangible results in their own individual fights against terror. India is a victim of such nefarious acts of violence from the Taliban and other jihadist groups that have set up bases in the neighbouring Pakistan. Though, Osama was not a direct threat to India, his ideologies are being followed like the holy grail by some terrorist organizations in Pakistan.

With India back in turning the heat for Pakistan and crying out loud that the country is indeed the breeding ground for terrorists and related elements, the onus is  on what the world thinks of India"s attempts at gaining access of those involved in 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. With clear evidence over the presence of those involved in Pakistan, and with their government clearly supporting them, does the Osama death spell good news for India?

According to the Indian government, a total of 19 terrorists wanted currently reside in Pakistan. Pakistan almost seems to be in denial on the dark hands that led the terrorists to Indian soil and the US refused to substantiate India"s claims. India's Home Minister, P Chidambaram"s statement on May 2 almost cut a sorry picture with words that bordered on helplessness stating that India cannot even imagine having an operation like that of the US in Pakistan.

The al-Qaeda is a global organization that has set its mind to wreak havoc in the western world while the Indian operations of local jihadist groups and Taliban are the real menace for India. With terrorist elements flourishing both within and outside the country, and till the 26/11 perpetrators are brought to book, Osama"s death does not mean anything to India and at this time India has escalated its security measures since the real dangers are yet to unfold.

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