Will Osama's death lead to a new breed of terrorists?

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Osama Bin Laden
Washington, May 2: The face of fear and the dreaded terrorist is no more. Osama Bin Laden"s name had become synonymous to terror and brutal massacre of thousands affecting millions across the world in the pretext of terrorism. But does his death mean the end of such brutality?

With the terrorism network spread far and wide, terrorist groups are rampant with cluster units functioning exclusively to broaden Osama"s ideology of mass destruction across the world. It may come as no surprise that the United States of America was its biggest enemy. When US broke the news officially that Osama Bin Laden was dead and his body was in the possession of US forces, there was rhetoric of justice being done and the perpetrator of 9/11 killed by the proud President of USA, Barack Obama. He said, "I would like to say to the families who lost their dear ones in 9/11 that Justice has been done."

The man who waged a “holy war" against the infidels (read the US ), was the one responsible for the conversion of Al-Qaeda into an organization that undertook terrorist activities to a propaganda hub that was capable of mobilizing youth into a movement against Western forces.

With many members in the Osama core group either captured or killed, there are many other recruits who has the capacity to take over the reins of terror from Osama. While memories of the attack on the World Trade Centre still remain fresh in everyone"s mind, the attack was a symbol of assault on the US' pride. With the “War against terror" gaining momentum during the Bush regime, it is the Obama administration that bought it to conclusion.

Apart from the twin tower attack the-Al Qaeda was also responsible for the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa killing 231 people and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 American sailors in Yemen, as well as numerous other attempts both successful and otherwise.

On May 1, three al-Qaeda supporters were captured in Germany carrying large number of explosives. They were believed to be Moroccon nationals. In spite of the death of Osama Bin Laden, that is no doubt historic in nature, will mean the end of terrorism remains to be seen. The arms of terrorism have spread out and have got into the psyche of youth across the world for whom terrorism has been uttered in the same sentence as jihad. But as someone rightfully said, 'justice shall prevail at the end.'

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