Did CBI succumb to DMK arm twisting in Dayalu Ammal's case?

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Dayalu Ammal-Kanimozhi
Chennai, Apr 29: DMK's 2G woes seem to be doubling with damaging evidence that is being let out by investigative agencies. With Kanimozhi's inclusion in the CBI's supplementary charge sheet that termed her a co-conspirator in the 2G scam, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi's wife Dayalu Ammal's name was dropped from the charge sheet as a witness in the last minute causing a lot of raised eyebrows.

With CBI claiming that her lack of knowledge of any other language but Tamil led them to take it easy on her. Her age also figured as another reason, being 79-years-old. On the exclusion, Dayalu Ammal had commented then, “I have not been playing any role in the day to day affair of the company."

But the latest twist in the case is when reports emerged that Dayalu was actively involved in the running of affairs of Kalaignar TV. The CBI had earlier made claims in court that Kalaignar TV got Rs 200 crore as kickbacks in the spectrum scandal through Shahid Balwa's Swan Telecom. Kanimozhi had however replied to the argument saying that the amount was a loan that intended to be returned later.

The general manager of Kalaignar TV, G Rajendran also trashed Dayalu's claims when he said that she was an active shareholder in the media channel. He added that she was a signatory to the agreement between Cineyug and Kalaignar that agreed to the channel on receiving Rs 200 crore. The meeting was also attended by CEO Sharad Kumar who had authorised the deal. Adding more substance to the case, Rajendran gave a statement to the CBI on Mar 18, 2011 claiming that Dayalu Ammal together with Kanimozhi and Sharad Kumar had signed on the account opening form of Indian bank to initiate the opening of a current account for Kalaignar.

Another witness, Mitesh Kurani also divulged that Dayalu Ammal was present in the agreement signing between Cineyug and Kaliagnar on Dec 30, 2009 that pledged Kalaignar's shares against a loan from Cineyug.

The Opposition had cried foul over letting off Dayalu Ammal from the chargesheet. The latest revelations will add fuel to the already raging fire over DMK's involvement in the scam. The CBI had held both Kanimozhi and Sharad Kumar responsible for the receipt of the so-called bribe money.

The question still remains that how a major stake holder with 60 percent shares in the channel and its founder director was let off in spite of eyewitness accounts against her. Was it power politics on play only remains to be seen.

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