Sharad Pawar and family trips in 2G tussle

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Sharad Pawar
New Delhi, Apr 21: After a jab from Anna Hazare on Sharad Pawar's credibility to be in a panel of the group of ministers (GoM) checking on corruption, it looks like there is meat in the argument. Pawar is back in the limelight when the NCP leader was found to have links with 2G tainted companies. After the arrest of corporate honchos over their dubious links in the multi-crore scam, now it is the turn of Sharad Pawar and family to have sleepless nights.

According to an expose by IBN Lokmat, it was revealed that Sharad Pawar's nephew and Maharshtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar was involved in allotting government land to a company he had stakes in. The company in question is AG Mercantile, that has Vinod Goenka as its director. Ajit Pawar holds a major stake in this particular company.

Sharad Pawar had earlier vehemently denied any involvement with DB Realty that has been caught in the 2G tussle. He had stated earlier, “I want to make it clear that neither me nor anybody from my family has any interest in the DB Realty, so all the perceptions about it are far from reality and totally a lie."

The popular channel, CNN-IBN, has incriminating evidence against Sharad Pawar's daughter Supriya Sule that suggests her business links with now jailed Vinod Goenka. The documents in possession of the TV channel says that Mukund Bhavan Trust sold a Rs 7 crore worth property to Panchsheel Technology Park that is owned by Supriya Sule. Goenka is a representative of the said trust. If that was not all, the website of the Registrar of Company Affairs, shows that Sule's form actually owns 92000 square metres of land.

There are also rumours doing the rounds that there is a proposal to build a five-star resort in Supriya Sule's land by none other than DB realty that is presently in the dock over the 2G scandal. (Read: 2G: Sharad Pawar comes under Balwa spectrum?)

With the Opposition taking up the issue with fervour, the matter could spell trouble at the Center that is already facing flak over some of the biggest scams that have emerged during its tenure.

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