Indian police cuts off parts of Kashmir from map

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New Delhi, Apr 21: After Mehbooba Mufti's recent attempt of playing with the Indian map that showed key areas of Aksai-Chin and Karakoram as part of China, there are other government bodies that itself doesn't respect India's territorial boundaries. The map as seen on the website of the Directorate of Coordination Police Wireless shows a distorted version of the Indian map cutting off Jammu and Kashmir and other disputed territories from it.

The map could likely be a copy of the CIA India Map that had earlier stirred controversy for the contorted version of India. The areas that were cut off are northern areas of Kashmir, also called Gilgit Baltistan and the Aksai Chin. Both areas are considered illegally occupied by Pakistan and China. Gilgit-Baltistan was occupied by Pakistan-forces in 1948 and China engaged in control over Aksai Chin, situated east of Ladakh, in the 1962 war.

This goof-up by the government agency is especially shameful since the police wireless department falls directly under the Ministry of Home Affairs and is solely responsible for establishing the police telecommunication network in the country and maintaining it.

They are also responsible for establishing an integrated police wireless network in the country, called POLNET. The network is intended to directly link all police stations for online crime and criminal information systems. The department is additionally responsible to advise the ministry on telecommunication matters. The department has already created a link of 27 inter-state police wireless stations.

After this blunder from the government body, it seems they have realised the gravity of the situation and have removed the distorted map of India from the Directorate's website. But it would be worth the effort to exercise better sensibility in showcasing India in the right way, especially from government bodies.

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