Damning evidence against the Bhushan's from CFSL

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Shanthi Bhushan
New Delhi, Apr 21: It seems there are many more hurdles that the anti-graft crusaders will have to face before the "Lokpal Bill" gets tabled in the house. After reports emerged of the forged CD case against the Bhushan's, the issue is snowballing into something bigger.

Latest reports from the Economic Times suggest that the CD which contains conversations between Committee member Shanthi Bhushan and Mulayam Singh Yadav is not doctored. The CD was analysed in a government-owned forensic laboratory and found to have been untouched and not tampered with. The revelations will not spell good news for those rallying against corruption and will definitely act as a stumbling block to the passing of the bill.

An official in the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) has quoted that the recording was un-tampered and said, "The signed report clearly says there is no tampering, splicing or interpolation and (the tape) is in continuity." The official, however, did not want to be named since the Delhi Police was still conducting their investigation on the case.

This statement can be especially damning for the Bhushan's since they had earlier questioned the credibility of the CFSL. The Economic Times also quoted a comment from Shanthi Bhushan on the CFSL's unofficial statement saying, "For any lab to say this is not tampered with, it will be so utterly dishonest. It shows to what extent the government will go to smear us. This report, if true, shows that powerful sections within the government and corporates are involved in fabrication of this CD. It also shows the government has become a party to fabricate this CD. Almost all of Mulayam Singh's conversations have been lifted from a conversation in the Amar Singh tapes. The tampering is undeniable. How can anyone say no tampering has taken place?" "They have got a totally absurd report from the government laboratory."

Prashant Bhushan, meanwhile stated that it was not just Amar Singh but the government too that is responsible to tarnish their image. The report from the CFSL was apparently sent to the Delhi Police on Tuesday evening. The report is found to have contradicted the report submitted by the Bhushan's. The fact could not be conformed since Prashant Bhushan is yet to submit his voice samples for verification.

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