For whom India should scream - Anna Hazare or IPL 4?

Written by: Nairita Das
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Anna Hazare and IPL4 logo
It must be a co-incidence and a mere irony that two very important incidents are happening at the same time, making the country men perplexed about their matter of interest. A unique movement by Anna Hazare and the sensational IPL 4 - the two incidents for which the country can stand up but unfortunately not at the same time.

Yes, Indians are facing a  tough time when Anna Hazare is holding fast-unto-death to fight corruption in the country and IPL 4 - India's 20-20 Cricket innovation kicks off on Friday, Apr 8.

Hazare's protest entered the fourth day on Friday and the nation has showed a mammoth support for the Gandhian crusader. Removing all borders and distances between the states of the country, Hazare's voice reached all the people. From school children to Corporate honchos; popular cine-celebrities to social activists - all extended their hands and support to Hazare. (Who is Anna Hazare?)

Now, Indians must be in dilemma about their decision on what they should cheer for? Is it IPL or Anna Hazare and his noble cause? India always becomes crazy when it comes to cricket and the country's cricket frenzy was clearly visible recently, after India's win in the World Cup final.

TV channels showed, how country men came on the roads at midnight to celebrate India's World Cup win. This is the second time when Indians have come on to the roads; not to celebrate, but to protest. The "aam admi", finally, voiced against the government, on the corrupted system.

The former army man - Hazare wants to implement the Jan Lokpal Bill which will hold an investigation in all corrupt political parties and people with high profiles and will table the judgment within one year. Now, in a country like India where everyday people come to know about scams, scandals and irregularities, a channel like 'Lokpal Bill' is a must. (What is Lokpal Bill?)

However, one cannot deny the importance and enthusiasm for the exciting game - IPL. The media moghuls are hoping they will have yet another record-breaking season with IPL 4. Many have already started fearing that media attention may shift from Hazare to IPL.

It is going to be a tough time for Indian Media - the driving force of the country. Media plays an important role to bring all information worldwide. Media is so far successful in bringing the fact under limelight that how much contempt is there in people for the corrupt politicians and how they failed to do what they were elected for.

So, this is the time to voice for Hazare. IPL will go for one month and if not this year, then next year people will again get the chance to show their craze for the game. But when our house is on fire, its not the time to sleep or enjoy. All Indians should continue their support for Hazare, rather being diverted to the cricket mania.

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