Bowled-out cricket diplomacy between India-Pakistan?

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New Delhi, Apr 2: After the hoo-ha about the cricket diplomacy and the response it generated across boards, both India and Pakistan is back to their usual ways. After the image of Pakistan and Indian premiers, Yusuf Raza Gilani and Manmohan Singh created an etching impression on our minds, much hope emerged on pursuing dialogues between the two countries that have been at logger heads for long.

But the impression didn't seem to last long when undercurrent emotions flared again when an Indian High Commission official in Islamabad was detained on Thursday. He was held while on his way home from work that has irked the Indian side. Considered a reactive move after the Pakistan High Commission driver was detained for entering a restricted area in Chandigarh when he was in India during the India-Pakistan semi-final match. Th restricted area was a military compound. The news comes at an occasion that saw both parties easing up and extending hands of friendship through the great unifier- cricket.

Following the unexpected detainment that had no motive, India's Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao expressed her dissatisfaction over the move and spoke to her Pakistan counterpart Salman Bashir seeking the officials' release “immediately and unharmed". The matter was taken up with great concern and has been reported to the Pakistan High Commission by the Ministry of External Affairs.

The apparent disappearance of the official has led to a bone of contention for both countries who were in the process of some sort of diplomatic dialogue progressing between them. The staffer was questioned by Pakistan authorities and thereafter released.

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