Vijaykant video: Who is telling lie - DMK, AIADMK or DMDK?

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Vijayakant caught in camera beating party man
Chennai, Apr 1: Both ruling party and the opposition parties in Tamil Nadu are taking advantage of any single thread to criticise each other. Ahead of the crucial Assembly Election in the state, all parties like - DMK, AIADMK, DMk received a hot topic to lash out at each other - the video which caught actor-politician Vijayakant assaulting his own party man.

The video showed Vijayakant thrashing his party's candidate A Bhaskaran, atop the campaign vehicle of the actor. Bhaskaran is the DMDK nominee from Dharmapuri district. Sources reported that Bhaskaran tried to correct his party 'boss' who reportedly named his party man wrong publicly. It seemed that Bhaskaran feared the voters would be left confused as to whether the DMDK had replaced its candidate.

All opposition parties to DMDK including DMK and PMK took full opportunity to mar Vijayakant's image as the video was continuously aired in the TV channels like Sun Network channels, Kalaingar TV and Makkal TV. Kalaingar TV is the DMK family owned channel.

However, DMDK's ally in the state Jayalalithaa led AIADMK raised voice against the video and criticised DMK and PMK over airing the 'morphed' tape.

AIADMK send a letter to the Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) and the party stating, "The rival front's TV channels especially Sun Network channels, Kalaingar TV and Makkal TV had morphed the video of the alleged incident and had been telecasting it repeatedly as part of a conspiracy to defame and cause irreparable loss to the AIADMK front in the April 13 Assembly polls."

The party also wrote in the letter, "Vijaykant had only asked the candidate to remain seated by placing his hand on his head when the latter rose to retrieve the mike which slipped down into the campaign van."

Meanwhile, Vijayakant came out with his bombastic statement which raised questions over AIADMK's take. Citing all reports and the controversies, DMDK's "captain" asserted, "The TV channels reported that I beat up a candidate. Even if it is true it is only my candidate that I beat up. The person I hit will become a maharajah later."

Vijayakant's statement is clearly contradicting to AIADMK's claim of "morphed video." Now, one thing is clear that some political parties are playing their cards on the video. But whoever it is, the spark over Tamil Nadu election is clear enough from the Vijayakant row.

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