US again flaks on Infosys with H1B visa; lawsuits filed

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Bangalore, Mar 30: H1B visas posed many problems for the techies and technology firms like Wipro, Infosys, and many. Now, one of the I-T giants in India - Infosys has been accused of misusing H1B visas and age discrimination in recruitment. It seems that US has adopted a new weapon to offend one of the best outsourcing companies.

Two individual lawsuits have been issued against the technology firm in the United States alleging misusing H1B visas and age discrimination in local hiring.

Sources, on the condition of anonymity, informed, "We're still quite young in this game. We'll need to learn from how companies like Toyota dealt with such issues many years ago."

"We are making sincere efforts to hire more locally and even engage with policymakers, such lawsuits against big outsourcing brands are opportunistic," the sources added.

However, Infosys had come up with an 'extreme offshoring' model to decrease dependence on H1B visas. The company said that it has the capability to increase its offshore utilization capabilities up to 95 percent.

According the company, the intention was to prepare the company to face an extreme situation that may intensify in the US further.

Pilot programmes have been conducted by the company with a couple of clients in the US.

The outcome of the programme has proven the model, which is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the delivery of IT services.

By sitting at remote offshore locations, the company successfully transitioned outsourced projects to India.

What is Extreme Offshoring:

  • Bringing more jobs back to India
  • Visa renewals to slow down
  • Less number of job created in US
  • Profit margins to go up
  • Hybrid delivery model may end
  • Nearshore to get some prominence

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