26/11 culprit Kasab's mates to watch WC Ind-Pak semi-final

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Mumbai, Mar 30: When it's about India-Pakistan cricket match, no one is barred to watch the game and enjoy the thrill. Now, people residing at jails also will have the opportunity to watch the much awaited world cup match in Mohali.

Television sets have been installed at different places in Arthur jail where the culprit of 26/11 Mumbai attacks' Ajmal Amir Kasab is remanded now. While rest of the prisoners are allowed to take a vigil on the India-Pakistan semi-final in Mohali on Wednesday, Mar 30, Kasab will be isolated in a bullet-proof cell in the high-security jail, especially built for him.

"Almost all of them will stay in and watch the match.All the prisoners are excited and rooting for India to win...They are all hoping for a thrilling clash," the jail authorities informed while giving an idea about the jail atmosphere.

However, the authorities also informed that Kasab has not been allowed to watch the match over security issue as they stated, "He (Kasab) does not even know that India and Pakistan are clashing for the World Cup final."

Meanwhile, Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counterpart Yousuf Raza Gilani reached Mohali to cheer their teams. Gilani, accepting Singh's invitation "to watch semi-final together", came to India for the first time since 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Singh's cricket diplomacy was strongly criticised when Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray took a hand on the PM and chided, "Why should injustice be done to Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru? They should also be invited to the match."

However, now it's time to set aside all political issues for some time and enjoy the India vs Pakistan semi-final. May the best team win today in Mohali and weather god will not show his wrath on the host country. It was feared that rain may spoil the game and according to the rules, Pakistan will reach the final with the advantage.

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