CSR: Wipro chief Premji slams Govt over 'Responsibility' law

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Azim Premji

New Delhi, Mar 25: It might be an irony that when the multi-billionaire American philanthropists, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett are visiting India, the I-T major Wipor's chief Azim Premji opposed the law of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). While everyone was talking about the CSR law, Premji slammed the government claiming the law will bring in more abuse.

The Wipro chief claimed, "My concern is that you get legislation...and a lot of abuse takes place from that legislation in terms of what you define as CSR and what you define as branding. I would be against it."

During a press conference with Gates and Buffett, India's one of the biggest philanthropists Premji hurled the attack on the government. Premji also claimed that the larger companies do not need any mandatory law to accomplish their responsibilities as they had enough social consciousness.

"I think the government is also weighing that seriously in terms of how they can encourage it rather than how can they compel it," Premji said.

However, Premji also said that it would be better if government would made CSR "as a guideline rather than as a mandate or rather than as a legislation."

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