Congress tells BJP, honey sting me !

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New Delhi, Mar 25: Sting operation , a high-tech weapon with which one can expose the unsung song of anyone. As media is scattering its power day by day, the world has experienced the consequences of sting operation many time. The hide and seek method attracts all including the national political parties like Congress and BJP.

Citing several allegations against Congress led UPA government and the Opposition parties, it seems that Indian politics has landed in a soup of corruption and irregularities. Many may feel that this is the ideal time to conduct a sting operation to reveal the dark side of the government or any other parties.

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj, during an interview with a TV channel, accepted that her party would be ready to carry sting operations on Congress to reveal the "truth."

"If the BJP did plan a sting to prove that the Congress was willing to buy MPs to survive a trust vote in 2008, there's nothing wrong with that," said Sushma Swaraj.

Now, when Congress has been embroiled with loads of scams and corruption allegations like 2G spectrum, CWG, Adarsh Housing scam and many, another sting operation may devastate the party entirely.

The latest discussions on sting operation hit the nation when a latest release by whistle-blower WikiLeaks showed that Congress paid bribes to some MPs to buy trust votes during Indo-US nuclear deal in 2008.

The whole controversy reminded the sting operation carried by a TV channel over Congress' horse-trading for the trust votes in 2008. Though different media reports claimed that it was a deliberate "trap" laid by BJP.

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