Libya: Numerology helps Gaddafi to defy world!

Written by: Nairita Das
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Muammar Gadaffi
Bangalore, Mar 24: Muammar Gaddafi - a name, now, which is known to all. The rigid leader of Libya showed his power in the Middle-East country for more than a decade. Now, when the majority of the world has cornered him, Gaddafi still shows his defiance against the world. Here the question raises - from where does Gaddafi receive the power to resist the protesting world? Is it his reliable and loyal force or is it his Numerology?

Don't be surprised. Yes it might be Gaddafi's numerology which helps him to fight back the world. It has been observed that the Libyan leader always keeps changing the spelling of his name. The officially accepted spellings of Gaddafi's name are - Gaddafi, Gadaffi, Ghadafi, Kadafi, Qadaffi.

So far, it has been proved that it is not easy to defeat Gaddafi. The United Nations has totally attacked Gaddafi's empire. The relentless allied attacks might have grounded or destroyed his war-planes and forced his forces back from the doorsteps of the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, but government troops held on to the city of Ajdabiya withstanding waves of attacks by opponents.

Meanwhile, Gaddafi announced, "I do not fear storms that sweeps the horizon, nor do I fear the planes that throw black destruction."

So, what gives Gaddafi the enormous faith in himself? Is it his numbers which influence and save him so far from the world's rage. It is believed that numerology determines a person's personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others.

Citing Gadddafi's irresistible fighting, the powerful President of United States Barack Obama also expressed his disappointment while stating, "As long as Gaddafi remains in power, unless he changes his approach and provides the Libyan people an opportunity to express themselves freely and there are significant reforms in the Libyan government, unless he is willing to step down, that there are still going to be potential threats towards the Libyan people."

However, it is not only Gaddafi who alone is influenced by the magic of numbers but many other well-known people also believe in numerology. Unconfirmed reports also claimed that Obama himself believe in numerology, which is also popular like superstitions.

Sources reported that during his 2008 presidential campaign in US, Obama used to carry three lucky charms with him - a poker chip, an American eagle pin and a small golden statue of the Hindu monkey king.

Many Indian politicians also are influenced by numerological power and Tamil Nadu's AIADMK chief Jayalalitha is one among them. Previously, she used to use a single 'a' at the end of her name. But sources confirmed that after consulting with her numerologists, she changed her name's spelling and added an extra 'a'. Now, she spells her name as - Jayalalithaa.

It's not only politicians but sports persons like Sachin Tendulkar to film actors like Akshay Kumar- all believe in the magic of numbers and and they are not different from an ordinary human being who have faith in numerology and so called 'superstitions.'

However, many strongly oppose the concept of numerology and the 'science' of calculations of numbers, but one can not ignore the fact that such power like numerology, indeed, provides a strong inner power to win the race of life. Although it should always be remembered that in reality, overnight success comes after a 20 years of pure undiluted and un-compromised hard-work, as is popularly believed.

Now, when it comes on the name 'Gaddafi', the time will prove whether his "numerological power" will help him to defy the world or it will fail to change the ultimate destiny of the Libyan leader.

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