Wikileaks blows off US double standards, Pak's terror claims

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Nawaz Sharif
New Delhi, Mar 23: It would be hard to guess who is left stinging after the latest Wikileaks expose on India, is it the UPA government or the USA? Or better still, is it Pakistan? The latest revelations that are among the five thousand or more diplomatic cables accessed by the Hindu newspaper has exposed the double standards of the US in its bilateral relations. The cash-for-votes scam is also rocking the boat for UPA with Opposition out for the PM's blood.

The latest 'truth' to emerge is on how FBI failed to respond to India's request during the investigations on the hijacking of IC-814 and did not want to cooperate with it. They also called the effort "fishing expeditions".

Indian had requested access to Taliban records that were in the custody of the US. The cables dated 2005 said that Washington was apprehensive to share information with India on Pakistan prior to 26/11.

The one other important party that will be left embarrassed will be Pakistan after Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shariff found mention in the Wikileaks when he apparently revealed to two US senators that he had no doubt that the men behind Mumbai terrorist attacks in 2008 were Pakistanis. These details were revealed in cables dated Dec 2009.

The cable also blew the lid off Pakistan when Nawaz Shariff commented to a visiting US delegation that a phone call made by an attacker to an Indian TV channel sounded like a Pakistani voice. The delegation also included US senator John McCain.

Will the recent revelations cause frictions on bilateral ties between the already sour India-Pakistan relation and where USA features in the dialogue remains to be seen.

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