Cash-for-votes: PM exhausted in Parl; privilege motion moved

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Manmohan Singh
New Delhi, Mar 22: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been completely cornered by the Opposition leaders, especially by BJP leaders in the Parliament today (Tuesday, Mar 22). BJP has moved the privilege motion against Manmohan Singh over allegedly "misleading" the house earlier regarding cash-for-votes scam.

The Opposition parties raised the issue once again in the Parliament and claimed that Dr Singh had misled the house by stating that MPs were not bribed during 2008 trust vote. But the PM's statement has been proved as a sham when Parliamentary probe committee said that money was, indeed, paid.

As BJP tabled the privilege motion against the PM as they earlier in the day declared, "BJP will move a privilege motion against the Prime Minister in the Lok Sabha for misleading the House on the July 2008 trust vote. He (PM) said in the House last week that no bribe was paid while the Kishore Chandra Deo committee has clearly stated that bribe was paid."

BJP senior leader, Sushma Swaraj also tweeted, "I am moving a privilege motion against the Prime Minister today."

Previously, Manmohan singh, while responding to the cash-for-votes controversy, claimed, "I have no knowledge of any such purchases and I am absolutely categorical, I have not authorised anyone to purchase any votes. I am not aware of any acts of purchase of votes."

What is Privilege Motion in Parliament?

A privileged motion is a motion in parliamentary procedure that is granted precedence over ordinary business because it concerns matters of great importance or urgency. Such motions are not debatable, although in case of questions of privilege, the chair may feel the need to elicit relevant facts from members.

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