Bhopal Gas Tragedy: CBI seeks Warren Anderson's extradition

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Warren Anderson
New Delhi, Mar 22: The CEO of Union Carbide, Warren Anderson recently had got relief from the Bhopal Gas Tragedy case when the case was partially dismissed over lack of evidences. But the horrifying industrial disaster is yet to leave Anderson so easily as the investigative agency Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) once again all set to open the case against Anderson.

CBI now sought the extradition of Anderson from United States (US) and demanded of resuming a fresh trial in India against the main alleged culprit of the 1984 gas calamity.

Warren Anderson, who was the CEO of Union Carbide when the pesticide plant leaked poisonous gases in Dec 1984 leading to over 15,000 deaths, was declared an absconder 23 years ago.

Anderson's name did not figure in the local court's verdict that came 25 years after the world's worst industrial disaster, leading to questions as to who helped the main culprit in the case escape from India and the law of land.

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