Gaddafi flees from Libya? Son dies; Bombing continues

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Muammar Gadaffi
Tripoli, Mar 21: Following the simultaneous bombings at Muammar Gaddafi's residence by the forces from United States and United Kingdom, sources informed that no trace of the rigid Libya leader has been found yet. From Sunday (Mar 20) midnight, forces started bombing, sources reported. The news raised question - has Gaddafi fled from Libya?

Arab media on Monday, Mar 21 reported that one of the sons of Gaddafi, Khamis Gaddafi died in hospital. Khamis was injured during the bombings at Gaddafi's residence.

A stray cruise missile landed inside the compound of Gaddafi destroying the administrative building completely. The Bab al-Aziziya compound also houses his residence and is located 50 metres from the building, revealed Moussa Ibrahim, Libyan spokesperson. He added, "This was a barbaric bombing which could have hit hundreds of civilians gathered at the residence of Muammar Gaddafi about 400 metres away from the building which was hit."

The Western world is hoping to put an end to the crisis that has crippled the country with casualties rising everyday and is abiding by the United Nations directive for a no-fly zone over Libya. With more countries joining in the coalition with the latest entrants being Belgium and Qatar, Gaddafi has called for a ceasefire over rising coalition power. "I sincerely hope and urge the Libyan authorities to keep their word," said the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The new ceasefire call by Gaddafi has raised suspicions with the Pentagon over its credibility. Gaddafi, however said that it was heeding an African Union call for an immediate end to hostilities. But the US rubbished this claim saying that they themselves did not obey the truce call. But anti-Gaddafi protesters welcomed the air strikes aimed at the Gaddafi stronghold.

The Libyan spokesperson added, "Western countries say they want to protect civilians while they bomb the residence knowing there are civilians inside." There are also widespread reports that the Pentagon had given clear instructions on not to bomb Gaddafi's residence and still carried out an attack that could have been deadly. The unnamed US official said that neither Gaddafi nor his residence was the intended target.

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