Will radiation in crops ring bad news for farmers in Japan?

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Japan tsunami
Fukushima, Mar 20: If the recent tsunami and massive earthquake hasn't scarred the Japanese yet, the nuclear fallout will. The blazing Fukushima nuclear power plant seems to be under control with international aid flowing to avoid any long-standing effects of the radiation leaks, the damage is slowly starting to show. There are reports that considerable amounts of contamination have seeped into the food chain.

Traces of radioactive material were found in milk, spinach and tap water acquired near the Fukushima plant. The traces have also been found to exceed government safety limits. The news spread and is causing distress to the large number of Japanese citizens who are still reeling under the deadly impact of the tsunami and earthquake that has robbed everything they have worked for in their lifetime.

State Secretary of Health Minister Yoko Komiyama confirming the fears said that consuming the tainted milk for a year would mean consuming enough radiation that would come forth from a CT scan. Extremely small traces were also detected in tap water and fears of any health risks from them were ruled out.

The samples for testing were collected from farms in and around the nuclear power plant that also produce rice, melons and peaches. The fears could impact food supplies within Japan as well as foof exports with many nations in the process of checking for radioactive traces in Japan food imports.

Especially worrisome was the iodine levels in spinach that exceeded safety limits by 7 times according to a food safety official. The excessive iodine levels could increase chances of thyroid cancer. The other possibility is detecting traces of Cesium that also poses hazardous health risks.

Farmers are especially worried since the crops will have less takers over contamination fears.

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