Netanyahu seeks military action against Iran

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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Iran Missile
Washington, Mar 18: Benjamin Netanyanhu, Prime Minister of Israel has called on nations to make it clear that Iran faces "credible military action", if sanctions imposed against it doesn't put an end to the country's much-disputed nuclear program.

In an interview on CNN, Netanyahu said on Iran, "They have enriched enough material now almost for three nuclear bombs..They still have to re-enrich it again but that is what they are doing...The only thing that will work is if Iran knew that if sanctions fail there will be a credible military option."

On being questioned what can make a credible military action, he said, "It means action that will knock out their nuclear facility."

Furthermore, he also said that any military action against Iran has to be lead by the United States of America. Insisting that a nuclear-powered Iran is a global threat, he said, "This is not just our problem. This is the problem of Europe, and the United States."

The United Nations Security Council has imposed sanctions on Iran for refusing to put an end to its uranium enrichment program, which is suspected to be aimed at producing a nuclear weapon- a charge that Teheran denies.

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