Japan: Dogs teach a lesson on compassion

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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Screen shot of the dog standing guard
Tokyo, Mar 18: In these days when human beings have forgotten virtues of loyalty and compassion, there is a dog in Japan that has demonstrated that animals still have that what ought to be an out and out humane trait.

In the aftermath of the devastating tsunami in Japan that has almost swept off the entire north-eastern coast of the country and in the process killing and injuring thousands of humans and animals alike, a dog stuck to the side of his injured companion.

Videos show that the dog, despite being himself injured stayed beside his other canine friend who was more critically injured. The dog is shown caressing the other dog in a manner as if to assure that the pain will subside.

The guard dog, a tan and white cocker spaniel was seen shivering in the extreme cold, but still putting guard to his injured friend.

Eventually, rescuers managed to calm the nerves of the dog and managed to bring his injured friend to a veterinary clinic where he is reported to be recuperating well enough. Reports suggest that, the dog that stood guard himself was taken to a shelter.

Wish men and women around the world take a cue from the dogs here and enliven the forgotten virtues of love and compassion.

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