A dog thats worth Rs 6.8 crore!!

Written by: Biswajeet Panda
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London, Mar 17: Without any insult to the animal that has for long been known as man's best friend, there is just a question as to how much can you shell out to buy a dog? Rs 15,000, Rs 30,000, Rs 60,000? Alright let it be Rs 600,000. All settled, but wait a minute how about Rs 6.8 crore?

Just don't fret out terming it as insane because it has actually happened. An 11-month old red Tibetan mastiff, has been brought for £ 945,000 (approximately Rs 6.8 crore), by a person whose identity is yet to be known.

The red Tibetan mastiff, is now the holder of the coveted most expensive dog tag, which rather unsurprisingly was held by another Tibetan mastiff called Red Lion. Red Lion was purchased at at £ 915,000 (approximately Rs 6.6 crore) in 2010.

Every dog has his day, whoever said this can't more be correct anywhere else than in these instances.

Now what is it with Tibetan mastiff's that they cost an amount that most people can never earn in their lifetimes. They are almost an extinct breed in the UK with a population of roughly around 300. They are normally priced between £850 to £1,000 (approximately Rs 72,000). But yes, they do have a royal lineage which can often make them exorbitantly priced, as has happened with this red Tibetan mastiff and Red Lion. Queen Victoria, King George IV and Genghis Khan were some of the illustrious owners of this magnificent breed.

So what does the purchaser stand to benefit from such a deal (of course apart from the love and pride involved)? For a single mating session, the owner stands to charge up to £ 10,000 (approximately Rs 7.2lakh). Not a bad investment then, if he can manage that. But that apart, dogs don't understand money, all they need is love, affection and care no matter if it comes for Rs 6.8 crore or Rs 6,800. Hopefully the owner comprehends that.

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